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The best way to join the league as a skater is to participate in one of our twice per year training camps (generally at the end of August/September and in January). These camps are 4-5 weeks/twice weekly practices. We begin with the basics of gear and skate skills, and progress through adding and honing techniques; and of course learning the game of roller derby! If you have previously participated in roller derby/have roller skating experience and have all of your own gear (or would like to participate as a non-skating official), please contact to learn more about the possibility of joining us mid-season.

FVRD has a place for anyone and everyone interested in learning about the sport of flat track roller derby. Our training program provides drill modifications for all types of bodies and levels of experience in order to build a solid foundation for each athlete, and to keep practice challenging and as safe as possible for everyone.We recognize that there is a heavy financial investment when beginning the sport, as well as continued costs for dues and gear, insurance for playing with contact, and to participate in travel competitions. We believe everyone should be able to play this amazing sport, and we strive to provide support wherever needed to ensure our league is accessible. We currently use sliding-scales and scholarship options, and are always willing to work individually with folks to fit their situation.


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