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Refereeing is a position available for anyone who wants to go a little further. They have to learn and memorize all the rules, all gameplay and penalty hand signals, keep up with and understand the regular updates, as well as learning to how to be just as or more of a stable skater than most players.




Referees are exempt from paying dues, being part of the Well Hung Jury. But they still have to buy gear, and pay for their insurance.



WFTDA insurance can be purchased at There is a link to the left. It is $65 for coverage through Dec. 31st, and can be purchased at any time during the year.



When it comes to equipment, you have a lot of choices. Locally, you can find some entry level skates at Sportsman Ski Haus. Wheaton's carries elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, helmets, and a small selection of skates, and skate parts (bushings, bearings). Mouthguards can be found in the sports department of any major store (Target, Kmart, etc.)




Referees must become stable skaters. Be prepared to perfect these basic skills:


Falling: single and double knee falls, four-point falls, falling small


Stopping: t-stop, plow stop, coming to a complete stop


Derby Stance: shoulders-knees-toes, getting low, staying low


You will also need to learn the rules, there is a link to the PDF version in the links on the left.


Lastly, there are the hand signals referees use to properly communicate during game play. There is a link on the left where you can read and download the PDF file.


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