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We require skaters to attend 66% of league practices, attend a league meeting once every other month, and attend one function (bout or fund raiser) per month. Your team mates will also rely on you to be involved in order to play the game. You will miss out on important skills if you don't attend practices.


In-season, every Monday is a Freshmeat/Endurance practice at the Boys and Girls club. Everyone is welcome to attend. Wednesdays are scrimmage nights at the Trade Center in the Fairgrounds. Anyone who has paid their WFTDA Insurance ($65 for coverage through Dec 31) is allowed to skate there. If you have not yet passed your WFTDA Minimum Skills Test, you will have an 'independent study' practice, rather than scrimmaging with the other skaters. It is a great opportunity to work on the skills you find yourself struggling with.




Physical training is a very big part of becoming an experienced skater. But, the rules are just as important. Don't forget to study them!


Roller derby requires dedication, an ability to listen, and a willingness to be part of the league. We will need you just as much when your skates are off.


Be prepared to perfect these basic skills:


Falling: single and double knee falls, four-point falls, falling small


Stopping: t-stop, plow stop, coming to a complete stop


Derby Stance: shoulders-knees-toes, getting low, staying low




It's not if you get hurt, it's when you get hurt. Pulled muscles, sprains, strains, bruises, and occasionally broken bones will happen. This is why protective gear is required and we also train, stretch and practice falling to help reduce injuries and their severity. We require all skaters to have insurance through WFTDA. This will help cover any injuries you may sustain during practice or bouts.




The biggest expense will be your equpment. After that, there are monthly dues, and your WFTDA insurance.



When you first start out, you will probably be renting gear for $7 a practice. In-season, monthly dues are $35. Off-season, everyone pays $10 per practice.



WFTDA insurance can be purchased at There is a link to the left. It is $65 for coverage through Dec. 31st, and can be purchased at any time during the year.



When it comes to equipment, you have a lot of choices. Locally, you can find some entry level skates at Sportsman Ski Haus. Wheaton's carries elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, helmets, and a small selection of skates, and skate parts (bushings, bearings). Mouthguards can be found in the sports department of any major store (Target, Kmart, etc.) 


There are some links to left for finding skates and gear online.


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