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Flathead Valley Roller Derby members are working hard this season, would you like to come join us?


We are always looking for new skaters, NSO's, refs, or volunteers!

Contact us for more information!

In general, practices are held Mondays and Wednesdays from 7-9 PM at the Flathead County Fairgrounds.

The best way to join the league as a skater is to participate in one of our twice a year training camps (generally August/September and January), but at times we are able to accommodate new members during the rest of the season.  Please contact us and we'll work through the best plan with you!



FVRD training has a place for ANYONE interested in learning about the sport of flat track roller derby, trying out for the league, or participating as a referee. We accept all skill levels and will modify drills in order to provide just the right amount of challenge based on the individual skater.


  • Women 18 years and older can tryout to be a Misfit when they pass their minimum skills

  • People of all genders 18 and older can train to be referees and NSOs (Non-Skating Officials)

  • Anyone of any age can help FVRD by volunteering, promotion, fundraising, sponsoring, and attending bouts and events




Roller derby is a big commitment. At times it feels like a second or third job. You will be expected to attend league practices for 2 hours, 2 times a week. Everyone is expected to help at bouts and other official events and fund raisers. We are a skater run organization, so don't forget about being on a committee and attending a few meetings.


Most of our skaters in the league have a job, go to school, have kids, etc. so it is not an altogether unattainable goal. Any skater will tell you it is totally worth it, and think of all the great people you will meet!


This league is DIY and relies on its members to form and support the league. We encourage people to spend as much time with the league as they can by finding sponsors, working on promoting, getting press coverage, making documentaries... whatever! The league is ours! We built it from the ground up so we determine what it is like to be a part of Flathead Valley Roller Derby!

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